Grant High Schools theatre department was founded in 2017, under the direction of Mrs. Adrienne Perkins. The program is still growing but produces one show per year. Grant High provides every student an opportunity to release their creative energy in a positive and encouraging environment. This is currently a class offered at Grant High. Audition opportunities are available after school for those students that can't be in the class due to schedule constraints. 

Theatre Information


Adrienne Perkins

Important Information:

Play Dates April 3rd & 4th


Admission - $5.00

Murder by Ten

Ten dim-witted people have been invited to an old house on Dunch Island with the ultimate purpose, not known to them, to be murdered.  One by one, they are murdered according to a silly nursery rhyme hanging over the fireplace.  Since they are not the brightest bulbs in the box, the poor victims are murdered rather easily. When all are dead, the question remains: Who did all the murdering? Come see the show to find out!