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School Fees


• Ditto Fee-$20.00, Parking Permit-$5.00, Cell Phone Violations-$20.00 - $30.00:

These funds are used for equipment and supplies for the school (toner, staples, paper, stamps and certified letters, letterhead, tardy slips, checks)

copier machine equipment, surge protectors, USB jump drives, maintenance and janitorial supplies. These funds may also be used

for meetings, school business travel, school conferences, and Louisiana Association of Principals membership.

These funds are also used for student awards and recognition, and graduation expenses such as flowers, chairs, and security.

• ID Badge-$5.00 (first one free)-ID badge supplies-id badges, clips, temporary badges

• PBIS (1/2 of cell phone violations) -Gift Cards for Students and Teachers, rewards, Cougar Café Supplies, PBIS field trips



• Vocational Fee $15:  This fee is for all Vocational Agriculture students including:  Carpentry, Construction Tech, Ag I and Ag II. Fees are used as follows: funding for hands on classroom building and team building activities, labs, and shop project supplies as needed.  In the Ag I and Ag II classroom a hands on laboratory is conducted with each unit.  For  example, for Unit 3:  Biotechnology students participated in three hands on labs:   Biofest- where students sampled yogurt, cheese, and root beer all products made from biotechnology as an introduction to the unit Bread making laboratory- where students can see how the bacteria yeast is used to make bread rise. 


• Choir- $20:This fee is used to purchase music, bus drivers/gas for the bus for the following: auditions, competitions, and honor choir, any CDs purchased to be performed with, accompanist (plays piano on some rehearsal days, competition, and concerts), and for Large Ensemble Assessment entry fee.  


• Family and Consumer Science $15.00:  The fees will be used to buy classroom materials such as food ingredients, fabric, thread, etc. 


• Science Lab Fees $10.00: The fees are used to buy animals to dissect, random lab supplies ( DNA Extraction, Osmosis, chemicals for

biomolecule testing, chemicals for chemistry, microscope slides, etc), and also classroom supplies such as tape & glue.   


• First Responders $15.00: Once a student completes certification, he/she receives a BLS card for $10.00. $5.00 used in the semester

for classroom supplies.


• Physical Education PE uniforms - $20 dollars: The fees are used to purchase a PE uniform and game equipment. 


• Art Fee $15.00:  The fee is used to purchase pencils, rulers, paper (in various sizes), markers, colored pencils, scratch boards, glues, crafting supplies, erasers, an extensive array of paints in a variety of colors, paint brushes in many sizes, crayons, inks, colored paper and any other supplies a student may need in order to create his or her individual art.


• Band $50.00:  Students may pay $25 each semester or $50 at beginning of year.   Fee covers instrument repair and purchase of new music.

• Business classes $10.00: The money collected is for computer issues and supplies for the class, such as printer paper, ink, or other miscellaneous class supplies.


Clubs (optional)

• FFA $15: $12 of the fee is used to pay Louisiana FFA and National FFA dues.  $3 of the fee is placed in the FFA account to go toward FFA travel and activities/competitions.

• 4H $25: $7 of the fee is sent to Grant Parish 4H, $15 is used to purchase club t-shirt, and $3 is placed in the 4H account to go toward monthly 4H club activities and homecoming parade decorations.  Students that do not wish to purchase a t-shirt may pay $10 instead of $25.

• Book Club $3.00: The fund will go toward book purchases for the club reading list.

• Science Club $3.00: The fee is used to fund science experiments during the meetings, prizes for science fair winners & service projects, game material & candy for school carnivals, homecoming float decorations.

• FCA $3.00:  The fee is used to do local charity donations/service projects.  

• Beta New Member Fees $20:  ($17 is the registration fee for the National Beta Club)  Existing Members - $5 T-shirts - $15 (Optional), Senior Graduation Cords - $12 (Optional)  State Convention - $100 (Hotel costs, Registration, Substitutes, Bus Driver, Gas for bus, etc).  

• Student Council-No fee

• Educators Rising-No Fee

• LYFE  $5: Fees will be used for club meeting supplies, Halloween carnival supplies, and homecoming supplies. 


• Bass Club: $50.00 and Fishing Jersey $60.00 ( optional ) Dues are used to pay the ALBC(Association of Louisiana Bass Club) dues, to pay boat landing fees when necessary and to pay for awards that are given.

Sports (optional)

• Softball-$300.00 is charged to every player on the team. This fee is used for usable items for the athlete that become their personal property such as the following: 2 sets of practice uniforms @ $25.00 per set for a total of  $50.00, Turf shoes @ $65.00, Metal spikes @ $65.00, Cold Weather Gear @ $30.00, Personal Helmet @ $55.00.  The remainder of the fees is used towards other items such as uniforms, belts, socks, bats, balls, catching gear, tees, nets, field paint, grass seed, fertilizer, dirt, rakes, field improvements, diesel for the bus, tournament fees, overnight accommodations, etc….  The remaining balance of these items is paid by money raised from fundraisers.  Half of the fee is due by September 1st, and the other half is due by November 1st.  Any athlete that has not paid their fee will not be issued any uniforms or equipment, nor will they be eligible to compete in any contest.


• Cross Country-$60.00 Meets on average cost 50 dollars (usually go to 4 meets plus state), team shirts- 10 dollars each. Fees are also used for gas, meets, and awards.


• Baseball: average $460 (can vary year to year) This fee covers every piece of team gear, list included) Two Pair of Shoes, Hat, Two T-shirts, ¾ Sleeve shirt, BP Top, Fleece Pullover, Hoodie/Sweatpants set, Game Day Polo, Team Backpack, Game Pants. Any athlete that has not paid their fee will not be issued any uniforms or equipment, nor will they be eligible to compete in any contest.  


• Football $30: Practice gear and socks


• JROTC $20.00: Fees are used to order new uniforms and buy new game equipment as needed.


• Track $75.00: The money will be used to buy new equipment, track meet registrations, gas, and awards. 


• Soccer $200.00: Fee will cover two sets of practice uniforms (shirt and short), practice socks, game socks, warm up pants and jacket, and will cover the backpack. 


• Golf-No Fee


• Cheerleaders $1000.00:  NCA Camp Fee $375, 4 day overnight camp at NSU, Cheer shoes $85, Poms $20, Uniform $250, Practice outfits (3

outfits for camp) $230, Bag $40 


• Danceline-$1400.00 (depends on fundraising); Camp $400, Poms $100, Uniform $400, Camp/practice clothes $150, Tights (2) shoes (3) $200, bag & jacket $150, $300 ad sales

• Basketball: Up to $100 shoe fee

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