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Dress Code

DRESS CODE Grades: Pre-Kindergarten – 12th



  • Solid Color: Navy, White or school designated color, or any other shirt approved by the principal 

  • Polo with no more than three buttons at the top of the collar (short or long sleeves). 

  • Oxford/Dress shirt (short or long sleeves)  

  • Only school approved emblems, monograms or logos allowed  

  • Any shirt worn under the uniform shirt must be white, navy or school approved color, includes turtlenecks and tee shirts with no visible emblems.  

  • Shirts must be tucked in.



  • Solid color: Khaki or Navy  

  • No cargo pockets  

  • Capri style slacks are allowed  

  • No stretch material, oversized, or low riders, or low riding hip huggers  

  • No overalls  

  • Loose fitting 

  • Must be hemmed and have no frays 

  • Must be worn at the waistline, no low rise, mid rise, or low riders



  • Solid color: Navy or Khaki 

  • Length no shorter than a dollar bill width from the top of the kneecap  

  • Loose fitting 

  • No cargo pockets  

  • Slits in skirts/skorts/jumpers are to be no shorter than a dollar bill width from the top of the kneecap 

  • Must be hemmed and have no frays.


Belts: If Slacks/Shorts/Skorts/Skirts/Jumpers have belt loops: 

  • Belts are required for grades 4-12 

  • Belts are optional for PreK-3 

  • Belts must be worn within the confines of the belt loops

  • Buckles must be standard size, plain, with swivel center post 

  • Appropriate length for waist size



  • Shoes must be worn. 

  • All shoes must have a back or a back strap. Shoes that slip off of feet can cause a safety problem. 

  • If shoes have laces, the laces are to be tied in order to eliminate the possibility of tripping on the laces or having the shoes fall off the feet.  

  • No slippers or house shoes are allowed



  • No distracting or inappropriate logos are allowed. 

  • Pullovers or Hoodies are allowed, but hoods may not be worn in the school building or on the school bus. Must not have inappropriate slogans or advertisements for beer, cigarettes, drugs, obscenities, sexual connotations, etc. 

  • Sweaters may not be tied around the waist. 

  • In grades 7-12, wearing a shirt as outerwear is not permitted. (Non-school shirt over school shirt) 


General Regulations:

1. Hair should be clean, neat and well groomed. Extreme hair coloring and extreme hairstyles are not acceptable.

2. Body piercings or modifications, with the exception of earrings for grades 7-12, are not allowed.

3. Earrings for boys in grades Pre K – 6 are not allowed.

4. All adornments and embellishments (including but not limited to earrings, girls’ headbands, bracelets, leggings, etc.) must be appropriate and non-distractive—must not have inappropriate slogans or advertisements for beer, cigarette, drug, obscenities, or sexual connotations, etc.

5. Tattoos must be covered by clothing, band-aids, or makeup.

6. Facial hair can be worn in grades 9-12 but must be neat and well groomed in appearance.

7. Facial hair in Pre K- 8 is not allowed.

8. Sunglasses are not allowed unless a physician prescribes them.

9. Hats, caps, kerchiefs, or bandannas are not allowed.

10. Transfers into the Grant Parish School System will be allowed five (5) school days to obtain apparel that meets the restrictive dress code.

11. Modifications for spirit days may be made at the discretion of the principal.

12. Principals have the discretion to issue and require student identification badges.

13. Undergarments shall be worn at all times.

14. BACKPACKS-7th-12th Backpacks must be clear—allowing all contents to be visible.

(Excluding Georgetown High School)

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