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Our Academics

All student schedules are arranged and assigned by the principal according to the pre-registration application of the student. This schedule is final and can be changed only upon approval of the principal. Regular education students dropping a course after the 5th day of the term will receive an "F." No student will be allowed to add a class after the 5th day of the term. A student will be held strictly accountable for being where his schedule says he should be.


Students need 24 credits to graduate

Grade Credit

9th 0-6

10th 7-12

11th 13-18

12th 19-24


Grant High School Daily Bell Schedule

7:45-8:10 Homeroom

8:15-9:45 1st Block

9:50-11:20 2nd Block

11:25-1:15 3rd Block

1:20-2:50 4th Block

2:50 Student Drivers Released

3:00 Car riders and buses released

The grading system used in all public schools in Grant Parish is

A - 93 - 100

B - 85 - 92

C - 75 - 84

D - 67 - 74

F - 66 and below


Dual enrollment, Advanced Placement, and Honors courses will use the following grading scale:

A - 90 - 100

B - 80 - 89

C - 70 - 79

D - 60 - 69

F - 59 and below

English Department

Department Head-Nila Coffey

Amy Fowler

Kira Helton

Hakeem Welch

Cailey Scadlock


Science Department

Department Head- Jessica Anthony

Ron Bryant

Grant Mieling

Nate McGhee

AG Department

Department Head-Heath Lucas

Aiyana Bell

Kartavius Hamilton

Kurtlyn Kerry

Special Ed Department

Department Head-Shana Atwood

Jaclyn Lambright

Jesse Stallings

Jarvous Felton

Art Department

Danielle Lanham-Choir Director

Nick Griffin-Band Director

Elizabeth Stokes-Art Teacher

History Department

Department Head-Maggie Bordelon

Marc Simmons

Mitchell Pardue

Home Ec Department

Stephanie Hayes

JROTC Instructors

Col. Williams

1 SGT Williamson

Math Department

Department Head-Lori Roussell

Patti WIlliams

Randall Pardue

Dylan Butter

Cody Ray

Jessica Wright

Rob Simmons

John Hill

Physical Education

Department Head- Jessica Cooper

Coach Gene Rushing


Media Department

Sarah Handorf

Foreign Language Department

Angelica Perez

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